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You’ve arrived at that turning point. You’re ready to see your professional life move forward toward a more meaningful future. Believe it or not, being wirehouse-free can be stress-free.

As you exit the wirehouse, Kestra PWS will help you prepare for starting your own, independent business at every step on your way to freedom.

3 simple steps to freedom


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Transition to Kestra PWS

Transitioning from wirehouse firm comforts to the independent world shouldn’t feel like an arctic expedition. As former wealth managers ourselves, we’ve developed a proprietary model that removes the challenges, freeing you up to succeed quickly. We bring on a few supremely talented teams each year.


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Discover How Our Special Approach Will Benefit You

Our turnkey approach removes the economic and infrastructural barriers most advisors face when going at it alone. As a true “plug and play” approach, our path puts advisors on the fast track to success with as few disruptions to their business as possible. Our assistance gets you out, and up, and running quickly.

You’ll receive everything you need before launch day:
  • An in-depth consultation and analysis of your business prior to transition
  • Office space and everything you need in it
  • Start-up and loan unlocking capital

Kestra PWS advisors have some of the highest production levels in the business. We select from the very top and are honored to have only the best join us. With a direct level of support that’s unprecedented in the industry, access to these valuable resources is limited. Kestra PWS evaluates every team of independent financial advisors for reputation, business acumen and cultural fit. Only after careful consideration are advisors offered an invitation to join our firm.


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Be the advisor your clients need

The common feedback we receive from our independent advisors is how transformative the change has been for them. We work in an atmosphere of trust and camaraderie, where partners help each other and the team pulls together to help you win. A place where people genuinely enjoy their work. A place where integrity is reflected in every personal and professional detail. This frees everyone up to be at their very best. At Kestra PWS, you can finally relax knowing you’re with a team that always has your back. And unlike the wirehouses, it’s not all about how to generate more revenue – it’s about being the best advisor you can be for your clients.

See how our approach benefits your clients


Can leaving the resources of a wirehouse limit offerings to your clients? Actually, the exact opposite is true. At Kestra PWS a client’s investment solutions are not limited by proprietary offerings or captive products. Our financial advisors can tap any number of different providers to present some of the market’s best solutions, putting the entire street at their feet. Additionally, our advisors and clients get the benefit of broad price competition. Simply put, this doesn’t just translate into better value and stronger results – it deepens client trust and relationships. Ready to launch your business?

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